Sweethearting Detection

StopLift’s ScanItAll Checkout Vision Suite features the only technology that is capable of detecting “Sweethearting” the unauthorized giving away of merchandise without charge to a “sweetheart”customer (e.g., friend, family, fellow employee) by the fake scan or ring up of merchandise.

ScanItAll Sweethearting Detection utilizes artificially intelligent computer vision technology to analyze how a cashier handles merchandise. By using its patented algorithms, ScanItAll can identify a wide variety of sweethearting behaviors, including:

  • Covering the bar code
  • Stacking items on top of one another
  • Skipping the scanner entirely and directly bagging the merchandise

Prior to StopLift’s breakthrough video technology, sweethearting was nearly impossible to detect. Retailers had to rely on video cameras and data-mining/exception-reporting solutions to monitor checkout loss. These methods show to be ineffective at combating employee shrink because sweethearting leaves no paper trail (sweethearted items are skipped, not scanned). ScanItAll software works in tandem with your existing security cameras to successfully detect sweethearting cashiers.

Sweethearting Facts

  • Sweethearting costs the retail industry an estimated $14 billion annually
  • Most employee theft happens at the checkout in clear view of security cameras
  • The major property crime in the US is not bank robbery, auto theft or household burglary. It is employee theft and shoplifting.
  • Checkout crime that leaves no paper trail is the critical nexus for most of the loss that retailers incur.