Self-Checkout Loss Detection

From a loss prevention perspective, the self-checkout kiosk is a leaky faucet of inventory—it is the perfect tool for your mal-intentioned customers and employees to defraud unsuspecting retailers. Sweethearting, basket-based, and operational losses all go undetected if retailers don’t adequately supervise self-serve checkouts.

ScanItAll™ Self-Checkout Loss Detection automatically monitors all self-checkout transactions to help retailers get the most out of their self-checkout investment.

Some common types of loss that occur at the self-checkout kiosk include:

  • Direct to bag—customer moves the item directly into the shopping bag, but avoiding the bag weight scale
  • Price-Look-Up (PLU) Abuse — Mis-keyed PLU codes
  • Unscanned Items left in Cart/Basket
  • Bypassing the Belt
  • Involving the Attendant

Retailers can now control their self-checkouts and closely monitor losses by “staffing” self-checkouts with StopLift loss prevention technology.