Super Sneaky Sweetheart

This month, we see some super sneaky sweethearting from a clever cashier. Watch closely as she passes items over the scanner… 20 of the items go by without being scanned even though they appear to be. Without StopLift’s ScanItAll™ it would be hard to detect this loss at all. Every few items, the cashier scans an item legitimately, making it even harder to see when she’s sneaking profit right out the door.

Sweethearting – Scan-Avoidance takes many forms – Malicious Sweethearting, Self-Checkout Theft, Operational Scan-Avoidance, Basket-Based Loss, Refund Fraud, etc.

StopLift’s ScanItAll™ video analytics software uses your existing checkout cameras to visually determine what occurs during each and every POS transaction to identify loss at both manned and self-checkouts.