Memorial 40-Item Sweethearting Incident

This May, we have a little reminder of why you should be protecting your checkouts with StopLift’s ScanItAll™. In this month’s video, we see a perfect example of Sweethearting and how it impacts profit at the register. Watch as the cashier gives away 40 items in one transaction, all at the grocer’s expense. StopLift’s computer vision technology detects and deters this and other types of loss at the register.

Sweethearting / Scan-Avoidance takes many forms – Malicious Sweethearting, Self-Checkout Theft, Operational Scan-Avoidance, Basket-Based Loss, Refund Fraud, etc. StopLift’s ScanItAll™ video analytics software uses your existing checkout cameras to visually determine what occurs during each and every POS transaction to identify loss at both manned and self-checkouts.