A Back to School Lesson

It’s back to school time and StopLift has a lesson for you. For every item lost at the register, it sometimes takes the sale of up to 50 more items to recover the profit lost! This video is a great example of how easy it can be for a cashier to give your money away. Lesson learned: use StopLift’s ScanItAll™ to catch loss at your registers and keep your profits up!

Sweethearting – Scan-Avoidance takes many forms – Malicious Sweethearting, Self-Checkout Theft, Operational Scan-Avoidance, Basket-Based Loss, Refund Fraud, etc. StopLift’s ScanItAll™ video analytics software uses your existing checkout cameras to visually determine what occurs during each and every POS transaction to identify loss at both manned and self-checkouts.