Sweetheart of the Month

Retailers BEWARE, Some Turkeys Gobbled for FREE…

Turkeys flew off the shelves of retailers all over the U.S. in November and some were even given out for FREE.

Turkey thefts happen four times more often in November and December than the rest of the year combined. As you’ll see in these video clips, this is primarily through sweethearting collusion with cashiers and customers.

However, StopLift’s ScanItAll™ video analytics technology detects what occurs during each and every POS transaction to identify loss and helps keep sweethearting from gobbling up your holiday profits.

Scary Halloween Sweethearting!

Every holiday has its traditions and Halloween is no exception. It’s not all about treats, however! Tricksters are everywhere. Not even your pumpkins are safe! Safeguard your inventory losses and […]
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Scary Halloween Sweethearting!!!

Halloween is approaching, and we’re detecting a SCARY amount of scan avoidance! In this video, you’ll see cashiers helping candy, costumes, and pumpkins DISAPPEAR from the store! Sweethearting / Scan-Avoidance takes […]
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28 Item Variety Pack of Loss

Whether you’re looking for Sweethearting, Quantity Key or Operational issues, Basket-based loss, or just plain negligence, this example has them all! See if you can spot all the different types […]
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How Sweethearting is Done

Yet another astonishing example of what Sweethearting looks like. The cashier avoids scanning 22 of 38 items, resulting in over $150 of loss in one transaction and quite the score for […]
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The Enemy You Know…

Sometimes loyalty is just a word between “loss” and “thief” in the dictionary. It is difficult to watch any employee give away 47 items in one transaction. It must be harder […]
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Fast, Efficient, & Free of Charge

This cashier’s scanning technique is fast, efficient, and a bit fraudulent. Keep an eye on the items identified by the targets, and you’ll see this cashier give away numerous items […]
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