ScanItAll Checkout Vision Suite

ScanItAll uses AI computer vision technology paired with your existing infrastructure (Cameras & POS) to determine what occurs during each and every POS transaction and uses this information to identify loss at the checkout.

The ScanItAll Suite includes the following:

Sweethearting / Scan-Avoidance Detection

When a cashier gives away merchandise to a “Sweetheart” (friend, family, fellow employee) with a fake scan or ring-up at the register, ScanItAll™ detects cashier fraud at your front end and provides your team with accurate, actionable incidents.

Basket-based Loss Detection

Without the need of any additional infrastructure, ScanItAll™ detects the uncharged items left in your customers’ shopping cart baskets:
Bottom of the Basket (BOB), Middle of the Basket (MOB), & Top of the Basket (TOB).
This can save stores thousands of dollars in loss.

Self-Checkout Loss Detection

Self-checkouts represent a significant exposure from a loss prevention perspective. StopLift’s video analytics proactively monitor the self-checkouts to detect theft and alert store personnel.

Operational Error Detection

Even honest employees can cost retailers money by failing to scan merchandise. ScanItAll™ identifies those cashiers who engage in operational error and require either more training or management oversight.

Refund/Return Fraud Detection

Are your cashiers using receipts from previous sales to process refunds and pocket your cash? ScanItAll™ automatically confirms whether a customer is present during refunds to detect refund fraud.

Video-to-Transaction Synchronization

Traditional ways of reviewing surveillance video are time-consuming, tedious and costly. ScanItAll™ syncs your stores existing’ POS & CCTV video and organizes suspicious, targeted transactions in a web viewer for super fast navigation. ScanItAll™ automates your loss prevention efforts with millisecond-accuracy.