NCR Acquires StopLift Checkout Vision Systems Learn More

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Joey Maples

Was excellent when we first got it.  Even better now. StopLift does a really good job of keeping focus on moving forward and making things better.

Phil Brown

StopLift works very closely with us to provide enhancements to the system to meet our ever-changing needs. They tailor their product to meet our requirements. StopLift have been great guys […]

Jason Russell

Our baggers pay more attention to the buggies (shopping carts) now and make sure to unload them. We have a bagger at every checkout, and MOB and BOB have plummeted.

Doug Haworth

An hour at most to set up at the stores. Basically ‘plug-&-play’. Some stores would get it done in 30 minutes. Installation was painless and quick.

Doug Haworth

Within 2 minutes of sitting down, I’m working actionable hits.

Phil Brown

Absolutely effortless. You can self-learn within an hour.

Gale Lasko

Best technology I’ve ever seen for sweethearting and cashier training in my 45 years…

Tom Perkins

One of the most significant leaps in loss prevention technology I’ve seen in more than a decade.

Dr. Richard Hollinger

Checkout crime that leaves no paper trail is the critical nexus for most of the loss that retailers incur.

Mark Gaudette

Truly a visionary in addressing Sweethearting-before StopLift there had been no way to detect it.

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