Stealing Success from Thieves

Self-checkouts reduce labor costs, enabling small basket shoppers to checkout quickly. But they also increase the risk of theft.

Malay Kundu, former CEO of StopLift and now General Manager of Computer Vision Solutions at NCR, says that for every item not scanned, the store must sell 50 of the same item just to break even. He developed SmartAssist, AI technology that detects any item not scanned in the self-checkout while identifying any item not meant for purchase, e.g. a purse or reusable bag.

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NCR brings AI to Loss Prevention & Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made major inroads in biometrics, speech recognition and machine learning, to name a few technologies. And now it has a new frontier: the store checkout.

Video analytics technology, patented by StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, now part of NCR, helps determine what occurs during each transaction at the retail or supermarket checkout to immediately distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behavior.

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Hawaii grocery chain deters 3,000 scan avoidance incidents in one year with StopLift

Groceries at the six Down to Earth Organic & Natural Stores on Maui and Oahu used to go through the checkouts without the customer paying for them. And that took a toll on the supermarket chain’s bottom line.

But that was before technology was installed to detect every item that the cashier failed to scan.

In a recent month, StopLift’s ScanItAll detected 316 incidents, with previous months averaging about 250 incidents. That would be in excess of 3,000 incidents per year

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Artificial Intelligence Helps Hawaiian Independent Grocer Catch 3K Thefts in 1 Year

Hawaiian retailer Down to Earth Organic & Natural has reported a deterrence of 3,000 theft incidents in the past year alone at its six independent grocery stores on Maui and Oahu through the adoption of new technology.

Over the past year, StopLift’s ScanItAll detected about 3,000 incidents of theft – 316 in one recent month alone. It even singled out four cashiers while they were stealing, which led to their termination under the grocer’s zero-tolerance policy.

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StopLift’s ‘SmartAssist’ AI Demo at NRF Prevents False Alerts, Detects Self-Checkout Theft [Booth #4963]

Retail chains can now receive real-time reporting on self-checkout theft and other scan avoidance, prevent false alerts, and improve customer service at the self-checkout with StopLift Checkout Vision Systems’ ‘SmartAssist’ artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Watch live real-time demonstrations of theft detection at Booth #4963.

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