How Supermarkets Are Stopping Turkey Thieves

Turkey heists happen four times more often in November and December than the rest of the year combined. Malay Kundu, Founder of StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, explains how his software detects incidents of cashiers and customers passing turkeys through the checkout without scanning them. Inside Edition reporter Les Trent visits Vicente’s supermarket, Brockton, MA, where he passed a turkey through the checkout without scanning it – and gets caught!

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StopLift AI Loss Prevention Technology Used in Australian Checkouts

StopLift CEO Malay Kundu says that his scan avoidance technology is being used at manned and self-checkouts at retail stores, supermarkets and specialty stores throughout Australia. Up to one out of five items at the self-checkout are not scanned. Shoppers often leave expensive items in a reusable bag while scanning cheaper items. There are many other ways shoppers avoid scanning their purchases at the self-checkout.

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Seen at 11: Artificial Intelligence Helps Retailers Bust Thieves at Self-Checkout

Intentional or not, there’s technology that can spot scan avoidance at the checkout as it happens: StopLift. Using artificial intelligence, it can read and flag checkout behaviors; suspicious transactions can be questioned on the spot; and mistakes can be corrected before anyone is labeled a thief. Losing an item means a retailer or supermarket must sell 50 more at the same price to make up the cost. Malay Kundu, Founder and CEO of StopLift, says his technology can ping you as the scan avoidance occurs.

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Talkin’ Turkey

The holidays are upon us which means fun, food, and shopping. A big item to buy at the supermarket is turkeys and a growing trend involves not buying them at all.

Sweethearting” is when a cashier sneaks a turkey through the checkout for a shopper without actually scanning the item.

StopLift is a company implementing new technology to stop this illegal activity.

Tara Jankway chatted with founder Malay Kundu about StopLift’s strategy to save the turkeys.

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