Operational Benefits

Grocers/retailers who implement ScanItAll™ see a positive impact throughout their companies’ areas of operation:

HUMAN RESOURCES: ScanItAll™ identifies checkout loss the first time it occurs. By sniffing out the good employees from the bad, grocers/retailers can take a proactive approach by either hiring good people or promoting training. The solution also encourages your cashiers to behave more honestly and conscientiously, when they know they’re constantly being watched.

FINANCE: Less shrink means better prices for customers, more traffic in your store, and an improved bottom line. Grocers/retailers who implement ScanItAll™ notice an increase in profitability—revenue assurance enabled by computer vision.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: ScanItAll™ is PCI compliant and supports protocols and topologies to ensure secure communications.

LOSS PREVENTION: ScanItAll™ is the only solution of its kind on the market. Grocers/retailers who are using the system praise both the technology and the web interface for its ability to quantify the true nature of POS shrink, while freeing up their time.

OPERATIONS: Your operational deficiencies and costs will shrink, not your merchandise. Problems and training error can be addressed as soon as they occur, improving work force productivity.