StopLift Benefits All Departments

Loss Prevention

  • Proven Video Analytics
  • Intuitive Exception Reporting
    • All the features of traditional EBR systems, but is far more user-friendly


  • Basket Analysis
    • Detailed drill-down and investigation of shopping behavior
  • Merchandising Analysis
  • Promotion Tracking and Analysis

Front End Management

  • Cashier Coaching Tool
    • Scheduling, Tracking, Case Management
    • Incorporates incident videos, interview notes, case resolutions
  • Cashier Metrics
  • Operational Improvement Identification
  • Self-Checkout Assessment


  • POS Health Check
    • Identifies systemic POS issues causing sales to be under-rung.
    • Provides validation of updates.
  • Friendly & accessible technical support
    • Live Training Webinars
  • IT-Friendly
    • Completely PCI compliant & Secure
    • Truly Cloud-Based, No central server or client software to maintain